Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lemon risotto with sun dried tomatoes

Konnichiwa!! I must deserve a laziest blogger award soon. Lately I've just been either too busy to cook or too tired to blog it. Now I'm here packing this apartment and packing for Japan, where we are heading next Friday. I cannot believe that it's finally happening!! So happy :)

I just made this awesome lemon risotto, that I didn't have any recipe for. So, for the amounts, just play by ear, ok? 

Lemon risotto with sun dried tomatoes
1 onion
butter (1 tbsp)
risotto rice (maybe 2-3 dl)
vegetable broth (maybe 8-10 dl)
lemon zest (one lemon)
lemon juice (maybe 2-3 tbsp)
sundried tomatoes (6-8)
garlic powder

Fry the onion in butter. Then add all the rice. Fry a bit. Start adding vege broth in small amounts so that the rice has time to absorb it in the between. Add sun dried tomatoes (I used organic ones that are not in oil), lemon zest and lemon juice at some point. Stop adding broth when the rice is fully cooked. Add the spices, let it be for a second and - enjoy!

ps. I thought I had some parmesan cheese in the fridge - I didn't. That would have completed the risotto. Try blending some of it in the risotto and add some on the top when serving.