Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Green smoothie

Pretty basic green smoothie
1 banana
1/2 or 1 pot of parsley
about 2dl of raspberries (frozen)
1 tsp of lucuma (to sweeten - you can also use honey)
some water

Monday, August 29, 2011

Raw chocolate!

Here it comes.. the chocolate. The first touch to raw food for many. Unless the thought of dark chocolate gives you goosebumps, I can guarantee, that this one will get you hooked for life. This is just one possibility, you can vary the recipe as much as you can imagine! Try different nuts, dried fruit, coconut, vanilla, raisins.. I once made almond mint chocolate and I swear I think I fell in love.

I'm sorry I have no measurements here, I just play by ear. If someone wants, I can try to measure next time. What you need to do, is to melt together the coconut oil and honey in water bath. Then mix in the flour. Sprinkle the "things" on a plate (plastic ones are good for this) and pour the hot chocolate over those. Or vice versa. Doesn't really matter, it all mixes up in the stomach :)

Pretty basic raw chocolate

Coconut oil
Raw chocolate powder
Tiny bit of salt

Dried cranberries

ps. you can easily leave out lucuma
pps. dried cranberries are really not at all my favorites, just too.. sour - just had those (why??) in my cupboard and they were about to expire (this I can understand!), so I decided to use them here.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Raw choco mousse

I have been pretty stressed out the past week or so. And now it's also starting to affect my eating. I crave for candy and I almost never eat candies! It's all food coloring and preservatives, those little we-look-yummy-but-make-you-feel-terrible -things. No thanks. But the past couple of days I have found myself eating all sorts of sweet things, like cheese cake, hazelnut chocolate.. and lots of candies.

Well surprise surprise, that stuff only gets you more tired and unfocused. Making the distant memory of peaceful mind to linger even further away. And the more tired and stressed you get - the more your body screams for sugar, fat and fast carbs. (WHY couldn't my body scream for a green smoothie, when that is what really would benefit the situation!??!?!)

Well, some might tackle this vicious circle by cutting off all the crap at once, but I like to give it a more tender approach. So tonight I made myself some raw chocolate mousse. The goodest (yeah, it could be a word..) mousse in the world. And I'll tell you that this super stuff does not make you feel tired or sick. Just makes you a bit happier than you were before :)

Raw chocolate mousse
1 portion

1/2 avocado
1 banana
1-2 tbsp raw cocoa powder
1-2 tbsp honey or other sweetener
1 tbsp lucuma (optional)

ps. hooray to that picture quality, someone willing to donate me a decent camera? :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello Kitty

Well how about these? Could there be a cuter way to keep your feet warm in the mornings in a kitchen, where the floor is cold in the winter?

By the way, how come my feet look like they're of a woman in her 70's :D

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I don't think good food exists without colors. I totally can eat a pasta with creamy cheese sauce if I feel like it, but seriously, food without colors means almost no nutrients, that are essential for your health. Have you ever seen those "You Are What You Eat" shows? The moment when they reveal the table of food the person has been eating during one week - it's only no-colors: pasta, white bread, cookies, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks, sugar, coffee, meat, cheese, chips, sauces..

The little nutritionist inside of me immediately smiles, when they reveal the other table (usually causing a lot of gasping to the "patient"), including all fruits, veggies, whole wheat, milk, eggs, greens, berries, juices.. :)

So, here is a breakfast I had this morning. Love the colors. Loved the taste.

Oat meal bread with cheese, avocado and sweet pepper. Hot chocolate: soya milk, raw cocoa and honey.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Minty salad

Made this delicious salad the other day. I just love avocados! Too bad good, ready eat ones, are so hard to find.. Usually I buy a bunch of those on my weekly visit to the big supermarket.. wait.. wait.. and then during the week enjoy my salads, raw choco mousses, raw ice creams, on the bread or enjoyed just as such.

Minty salad
Fresh mint
Cherry tomatoes
Green lentils

Lime or lemon juice
Olive oil
Lemon pepper
Herb salt

ps. wanted to eat the rest of the salad this morning on my bread, but.. found some fluffy hair growing in my salad. Since any hair growth in salads is not particularly desirable, had to rule the salad gone bad and wave it goodbye.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Love muffins

Made my favourite cup cakes to my sister and her boyfriend, returning from Germany.
They were received with love.

The recipe is from Foki's blog. Just left out the coffee from the topping, replaced it with water and vanilla essence. And a few drops of red food coloring. So cute and so good!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lunch salad

It's a bit of an understatement to call this piece of food art a salad, but I guess that's still the right category.

The recipe is not my own and I apologise not remembering from which blog it was. This is anyways my variation of it. And yammy it is! Gosh!

Red sweet pepper
Coconut flakes

Lime juice
Soya sauce
Tad of salt
Seseme seeds

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Liquorice balls

A second try with these cute liquorice balls. First one resulted in slightly more "textured" balls, since I bravely tried my best to grind the almonds in a mortar, at the same time remembering I actually have some almond flour in the cupboard.

These are totally delicious, but next time, I think I'll add still a bit more liquorice.. one can't overdo it, right?

The recipe is from my raw dessert bible written by Erica Palmcrantz Aziz and Irmela Lilja.


2 dl manteleita tai saksanpähkinöitä (jauhettuna)
1-2 rkl carob jauhetta
ripaus suolaa
1 rkl kookosöljyä
2 rkl hunajaa
1 rkl oliiviöljyä
2 rkl lakritsinjuurijauhetta

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