Monday, February 27, 2012

Raw key lime pie

I'm in-between homes and last night was surely the last friends' evening in this home. I baked some lovely rolls and this (ugly) raw key lime pie. I found various recipes online, but ended up trying Katja's version. Made it a bit bigger, since we are quite many here to eat it :)

The appearance could have been better. A lot. I blame the organic vanilla extract that I used, that was dark brown. Hence, the entire frosting became sort of.. ugly color. Aaaaand the filling was way too soft to even do the frosting properly! But despite all - everyone enjoyed this pie. Even my very dear, but very raw-food-suspicious friend liked it! Actually she even took more! Whohooaa :)

Raw key lime pie

2 dl almonds (soaked)
0,75 dl sunflower seeds (soaked)
2 dl dates (soaked)
1,5 tbsp lucuma
2 tbsp coconut flakes
1,5 tsp vanilla

3 avocados
4 limes (juice)
1 lime peel (grated)
1,5 dl honey
1,5 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp lucuma

1,5 dl cashews (soaked)
0,75 dl coconut oil
1,5 tsp vanilla
3 tbsp lucuma

Blend the crust stuff. Into the cake mold. Blend the filling stuff. On the crust. Blend the frosting stuff. On the top. Done. 

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  1. Absolutely delicious! :) Thanks for sharing!