Sunday, February 19, 2012

Raw pecan liquorice fudge

Hi!! It has been aaaaages! Been away from this blog really for like decades, but it was nice to see, that there are still some visitors here. Hooray! Foodie love is not dead. It was just.. hibernating :)

I've had this massive "candy-sugar-muffins-chocolate-cake" period that I just seem to be unable to stop. So, now, for real, if the sweet-eating doesn't stop - it can continue! :) Let's just make a slight move into the more healthy variations. The raw variations.

This super simple recipe caught my eye in Saara's blog. Saara Aalto is an amazing, beautiful Finnish singer/songwriter talent, and also a friend of mine.

Raw pecan liquorice fudge
♥ pecans (grinded)
♥ liquorice root (grinded)
♥ honey (lots of it ^^)

Making sweets doesn't get any easier! Although, you might wanna make the paste smoother if you prefer a more fudge-like-texture.

Have a happy winter evening all 

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