Monday, August 29, 2011

Raw chocolate!

Here it comes.. the chocolate. The first touch to raw food for many. Unless the thought of dark chocolate gives you goosebumps, I can guarantee, that this one will get you hooked for life. This is just one possibility, you can vary the recipe as much as you can imagine! Try different nuts, dried fruit, coconut, vanilla, raisins.. I once made almond mint chocolate and I swear I think I fell in love.

I'm sorry I have no measurements here, I just play by ear. If someone wants, I can try to measure next time. What you need to do, is to melt together the coconut oil and honey in water bath. Then mix in the flour. Sprinkle the "things" on a plate (plastic ones are good for this) and pour the hot chocolate over those. Or vice versa. Doesn't really matter, it all mixes up in the stomach :)

Pretty basic raw chocolate

Coconut oil
Raw chocolate powder
Tiny bit of salt

Dried cranberries

ps. you can easily leave out lucuma
pps. dried cranberries are really not at all my favorites, just too.. sour - just had those (why??) in my cupboard and they were about to expire (this I can understand!), so I decided to use them here.


  1. Cool oh cool, I totally recommend - even though the addiction risk is fairly high :) I once made this one with almonds and mint extract. Too good to be true!