Sunday, August 21, 2011


I don't think good food exists without colors. I totally can eat a pasta with creamy cheese sauce if I feel like it, but seriously, food without colors means almost no nutrients, that are essential for your health. Have you ever seen those "You Are What You Eat" shows? The moment when they reveal the table of food the person has been eating during one week - it's only no-colors: pasta, white bread, cookies, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks, sugar, coffee, meat, cheese, chips, sauces..

The little nutritionist inside of me immediately smiles, when they reveal the other table (usually causing a lot of gasping to the "patient"), including all fruits, veggies, whole wheat, milk, eggs, greens, berries, juices.. :)

So, here is a breakfast I had this morning. Love the colors. Loved the taste.

Oat meal bread with cheese, avocado and sweet pepper. Hot chocolate: soya milk, raw cocoa and honey.

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