Thursday, October 20, 2011

Raw Mokkapala

Hey, mokkapala is such a concept in Finland, that translating feels a bit cruel. We have a pajamas party tomorrow at my friends place. Originally, I was supposed to make a decadent chocolate cake, but.. I couldn't! I seriously couldn't. I tried to write down the ingredients on a shopping list: 300g butter, 300g chocolate, 5dl sugar and then some white flour.. I started to feel nauseous. I mean, for sure I could have enjoyed a piece of it, but making such a thing.. I couldn't.

So in this little attempt of saving my friends from toxic overload, I decided to make raw "mocca brownies".

Raw Mokkapala
2 dl walnuts
1 dl almond flour
2 dl dried dates
1/2 dl coconut flakes
1/2 dl raw coconut powder
1 tbsp toco powder

1/2 dl raw cocoa powder
1-2 tbsp lucuma powder
6 tbsp coconut oil
2-3 dried dates (soaked)
2 tbsp coffee
1 tbsp agave syrup
1 tsp vanilla essence

+ coconut flakes on top

Blend and blend.
Hih, I love the simplicity of raw recipes! A few notes: try to get organic coffee (I didn't, I used instant coffee from Lidl, haha) and also try to replace vanilla essence with something more natural, like vanilla extract.

Also, don't expect to get a full baking tray. I was kinda disappointed by the size, but I'm pretty sure the taste makes up for it. Or, you can always double the recipe ;)


  1. Tekaisin tänään näitä ja voi vitsit että oli hyvää! Kuorrute oli aivan epäilyttävän autenttista verrattuna siihen perinteiseen sokerikuorrutukseen :D
    Kiitos ohjeesta, omnom!

  2. Oi ole hyvä vaan! Tämä meni meilläkin tyttöjen illassa viimeistä murusta myöten :) Ihana blogi muuten sinulla :) Pitää tutustua siihen oikein ajan kanssa tässä ^^