Thursday, October 6, 2011

Creepy risotto and a giant tomato

Tadaima! I'm back (in japanese). Hey hey take a look at this plate! It's mushroom risotto and the biggest tomato you have ever seen. I had this italian black risotto rice in my cupboard since ages and finally I made something out of it. I assure it looked even more freeky when cooking it, because it was more purple than black. The finished risotto also has this purplish black color. Looks kinda Halloween but tasted excellent!

The good thing with good risotto rice is, that it barely needs any spices, just a hint of black pepper and salt. And of course you need to use real butter. The bad thing with this rice was, that it took aaaaaaages to cook! After standing a torturing 45 minutes in front of the stove, I decided it was ready. A bit cruncy is just fine, when you are really hungry.

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