Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tropical Cake

We went to eat lunch in Silvoplee (an amazing vegetarian / vegan / raw) restaurant in Hakaniemi. Last time I also got a piece of cake as a dessert take away - and boy, it costed 7 euros! The tiny (ok, well, quite a huge) bit! So this time I was also craving the cake, but instead of buying it, I made it :) And just guess if I measured anything while making it..

Tropical cake

The bottom: 
Dried plums (soaked 1h)
Almond flour
Crunched almonds
Coconut flakes
Coconut oil (maybe just 1tbsp)

Mango (frozen of fresh, if available)
Lucuma powder

Oat creme whipped
Coconut flakes
Vanilla essence / honey
(and bigger coconut flakes as decoration)

Blend the plums into a puree. Then just mix everything up. Spread the bottom and put it into a fridge to wait. Blend the bananas and half of the mangos into a puree, then mix in the rest of the mango, pineapple pieces and lucuma powder. Add the filling on top of the bottom.

Whip the oat creme, blend in the coconut flakes and vanilla essence or honey. Spread carefully on the cake and decorate with coconut flakes.

My warning goes: the cake is not exactly firm, it's a bit more like.. a pile of mousse. But - no complaints were heard of the structure, I guess the taste made up for it :)

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