Monday, November 7, 2011

Raw orange chocolate cake

This cake is the real thing! Not for sissies. Not for those who prefer milk chocolate and coffee with heaps of sugar and milk. This cake is for serious flavor lovers who can handle the sweet avalanche of orange and chocolate with every bite.

Raw orange chocolate cake

2 dl raisins
2 dl almond flour
2 tsp psyllium-fiber
2 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp coconut oil
Blend everything into a smooth dough that sticks together. Start with raisins and almond flour, then adding the rest. This recipe makes a very small cake, so for a normal size - double it.
3 small organic oranges (use the juice and the peel)
10 dates

2 dl raw cocoa flour
2 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp honey/agavea
1 dl coconut oil
5 tbsp cocoa butter (melted)
2 tbsp lucuma powder
2 tbsp toco powder
2 tbsp carob powder
a touch of salt
a bit of cinnamon
Blend the orange juice (+shredded peel) with the dates. Add the other ingredients.Blend. Don't eat it all yet.
Let it stay in the fridge over night (if you have the patience) for the flavor to really come out.

PS. How hard would it be to write down the source for the recipe when you print it out? I really would like to give the credits to the person who has created these recipes (unless they are my own, of course). And MAN have I now tried to trace back this recipe - with no success. So, in case you are, or you know the person whose recipe this is, feel free to trace me back and kick my big ass. I'd appreciate it :)


  1. Eikös se ole tämä sama resepti:


  2. Hei Anni Minerva,
    Kyllä vain! Tismalleen sama kakku! Kylläkin eri blogissa ja eri nimisenä, mutta tismalleen sama ohje ja kuvat. Ja kommenteista selvisi reseptin alkuperäkin :)

    Kiitos vinkistä ja tosiaan tämän kakun kaikki kreditit reseptin alkuperäisen koostajan suuntaan!

    Iloista joulunodotusta!