Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter snack

Hey hey hey, it's been a while. I was spending time in my home town and other than that, I've just been busy and eating mostly very boring and/or unhealthy food that certainly doesn't qualify for a post. In Joensuu we did make some delicious lemon risotto and salmon, that I was supposed to post, but the hunger (once again) was stronger than the thought of taking photos. Also, my sister made this amazingly sweet and yummy baked ice cream!! I was asking her to quest blog, but she wasn't too eager.

Today, I finally have some free time in the evening at home. Went jogging, cleaned a bit and practiced some songs for the weekend. Hey, when did this food blog turn into a diary, haha. Sorry. So, back to the track. Here's just a small snack that I had in the evening while watching Svenska Hollywood Fruar and Grey's Anatomy.
Milkshake with banana and cinnamon, dried plums, cashew nuts, almonds and dried mulberries

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