Friday, September 30, 2011


Pretty quiet in this blog lately. I know. Reasons are various, but basically I've just had like zero time/energy to cook and bake at home. Yesterday I did make this deliiiiicious apple pie, but you can guess if I remembered to take any photos. My mom came for a visit and we all pretty much just focused on eating it. Good it was.

And yes, I love preacing about the fact, that these ready-made meals are just full of crap. Stuff that you just don't need. Preservatives, food colouring.. you name it. But still there are days, when you need to rely on this "factory mums made this for you" food. And actually (just checked it out) this soup doesn't even have too many extra ingredients - yippee!

Rooibos tea, an apple (no kidding..), chocolate oat milk and a shrimp soup.

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