Monday, September 26, 2011

Little trip to Tallinn

We had a very special little weekend trip to Tallinn. Here are some food shots. For this very special reason we unfortunately do not have much photos of our dinner in the lovely Ribe. Anyhow, a place to recommend!

Sushi Café. We were attacked by a heavy rain and a killer wind, so we had like a minute to spot a place for lunch. And to remain at least somewhat dry. And boy did we find a good one! This place served such a good sushi at a good price. And the miso soup was the best miso ever. Hih, can you guess what is my favourite nigiri?

Cafe Josephine. This cafe is my favourite of all the cafees in the world! Or at least the best in Tallinn :) The deco is so cute and their chocolates are to die for. We both had a serious overdose of chocolate love.

Vapiano. Well, it was nicely located on the way to the hotel to pick up our stuff before heading to the boat. And reminded me of my time in Berlin. Ganz gut pasta mit ganz gute preise. Mine was pasta pesto rosso. Sehr gut.

Thank you lovely Tallinn!

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