Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Raw rum raisin ice cream

Ok, I have always been a ben-n-jerry's kinda gal. Or maybe HäegenDazs. So if someone would have told me that there is a chance that a heavenly ice cream without sugar, fat or milk exists, I would have gotten a serious laugh attack. But then I found raw ice creams. Oh heavens. So good, I cannot describe!

Raw rum raisin ice cream
1 dl soaked cashew nuts
1 frozen banana
1 tbs lucuma
1 tbs honey
rum essence 

Take the frozen banana bits out of the freezer 10 minutes before preparing this treat. Half of the raisins you might want to mix in the blender and add the other half before serving. If you want a silky smooth texture, grind the nuts before blending. I don't mind the chunks and bits. Just like with Ben&Jerry's :)

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