Sunday, September 11, 2011

Salmon soup and homemade bread

We are having a bit of a traditional food weekend. Yesterday I got to enjoy the best ever macaroni casserole, or what ever "makaroonilaatikko" is called in English, made by my boyfriend. The absolute best! And yeah, the real traditional version is of course made with minced meat, but since I'm a vegetarian, this one was made using soya. And with a lot of cheese! Enjoyed with even more lot of ketchup! And a glass of cold milk. 

Today I made my first ever salmon soup. Very traditional. Took the recipe from a very traditional Finnish household magazine, but kind of forgot to buy some of the ingredients, so improvising we went. The result was amazingly delicious. 

I also baked some oat-walnut-bread, that came out quite perfect. Didn't have any recipe. It went something like this: 
2 dl milk
1 dl water
0,5 dl rape oil (my gosh, is rypsi really rape in English, someone correct me if I'm hideously wrong!)
dry yeast

spelt flour
mixed flour
oat brans
sunflower seeds

Let it chill for a half an hour before baking in 200 celsius for 30 minutes. 

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