Friday, December 9, 2011

Raw challenge day ten

Today has been like 4/5 raw. We had a team breakfast at work today and I didn't wanna make any fuss with my "yeah guys, sorry, I only eat leaves and water", so I had a normal breakfast with them. The salmon rye bread tasted excellent! And yeah, my boyfriend makes fun of my smoothies, saying I'm having "leaves and water" :)

I have been feeling super well since the first three-four nauseous days. I've also been eating some natural yogurt, that is not raw, but obviously does the trick. I've also had quite a lot of raw chocolate and other little raw snacks. This snack was not so little, hehe, but it was super good. The orange chocolate cake (stays excellent in the freezer, and, hehe, yeah I ate it half frozen) and an apple. And maple syrup. With ginger tea (ginger, honey, lemon). Delissssshhhh!

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