Sunday, December 18, 2011

Healthy snacks busted

It's disturbing to see how much products are being sold with a "healthy" image. Probably the most popular are the fat-free yogurts that are stuffed with sugar. One bad tackled, one bad (worse) replacing. Today I was in the city and bought some "healthy" snacks from a supermarket. For the first time I bent down to see the inci-list of the yogurt covered stuff. Yogurt covered pineapple - how guilty does that sound? Not much.

But the truth is, that the only yogurt you can find from the list, is a flavoring! And the main ingredient is sugar. Along with various E-codes. I'm not saying these are bad bad monsters that will destroy your health, hehe, no. Just pointing out, that don't be blind on what marketers try to make us believe. Keep your eyes open, read the inci-lists and make your own judgements.

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