Sunday, December 18, 2011

Raw chocolate balls

I have been enjoying the freedom to eat what I feel like SO much after the raw two weeks. To be completely honest, I haven't even had any green smoothies or salads. Instead, we made the smashed potatoes, soya balls and lingonberry jam on Friday and.. I forgot to take a photo! It was soooooooooo gooooooood! Also, we made super good green curry yesterday and again.. no foto! I suck. I know.

Today I made these raw chocolate balls for Tuesday when I have the biggest happiness to get my dear friend back from Australia for Christmas. I have missed her so much! We are having a little glögi, pipari and torttu evening. And then it's only one more day at work before the long waited Christmas holiday! Yey!

Raw chocolate balls
1 dl raisins
1,5 dl almond flour
6-7 dates (soaked)
4-6 tbsp raw cocoa powder
1 tbsp honey
touch of salt
1 tbsp psyllium fiber
1 tsp vanilla
1 tps cinnamon
1 tbsp lucuma and tocotrienolis

Blend everything and make cute balls. Roll the balls finally in cocoa powder and palm sugar ( like I did here) or in coconut flakes. I used (too much) water blending the raisins and dates, which resulted in the final "dough" being waaaaay too wet. I ended up adding more and more and.. more and more the flours. The end result was pretty ok and I managed to cover up the muddy outlook nicely with the final powdering.

The recipe is from Kaunis päivä tänään -blog. Arigato!


  1. I just stumbled across your lovely blog, and after scrolling through your delicious looking raw recipes, I will definitely be trying these chocolate balls!

    Also, the smashed potatoes + soya balls + lingonberry jam combination sounds amazing. Have you posted an entry regarding a recipe for the soya balls? I'd love to try them out if you have! :)

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Hmm.. Hakola is a Finnish last name, so either this is just coincidense or then you're Finnish and I feel like an idiot writing to you in English :)

    So glad you liked this little blog. I feel bad that recently I've been so busy elsewhere in life, so that updating has been mostly non-existent. Hopefully this will improve in the future!

    I can certainly post the recipe for the soya balls in the near future! I'll put it on a post it right away ^^

    Have a great spring day!


  3. Haha, it is a Finnish name :) But don't feel bad, English is my stronger language, but any practise I get helps!

    Awesome :) Sounds good! Will be keeping an eye out for whenever you get the chance. Oh I should mention, I made the above recipe (a few tweaks added here and there) and they turned out really well. So thank you!