Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Raw ginger bread balls

Raw ginger bread balls
Dates (dried, soaked)
Almond flour
Hazelnut flour
Ginger bread seasoning

Blend everything until smooth and roll the balls in almond crunch.
Perfect, healthier alternative to the yummy real ones. Both great :)


  1. Never been a fan of ginger, though it can compliment the food flavour. :)

  2. Oh, here's the funny thing. In Finland we have a Christmas sweet called Piparkakku. It's called Pepparkaka in Swedish. In English it's called ginger bread, but.. ( I already wrote here that it has nothing to do with ginger, but then I did some googleing..)

    Ginger indeed is one ingredient in the Piparkakku! Or the ready-made seasoning. Never knew!! It tastes nothing like ginger...

    I found this one recipe for the traditional Finnish style Piparkakku in English:–/

    Happy holidays and very merry Christmas to you Justinka!

    Very confusing, I know :)